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NOTE: If you are an individual looking to commission me, please fill out the contact information on This Page. 

If you represent a rescue organization looking for great artwork to increase your fundraising potential, I want to hear from you.

Fill out the contact information below and tell me a little about yourself and what you are looking for, and I will be in touch.

For your convenience, below is a list of commonly asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions for Rescue Organizations


  • How do I start the process of requesting a donation?​


                    Simply fill out the information on the contact form above. Tell me about the organization you represent, your plans for fundraising, and what you are looking for. I will be in touch and we can talk about your goals and what I can provide to help you meet them.

  • What does a donation include and how does it benefit my organization?


                    When I work with organizations, I create custom artwork that speaks to the work that organization is doing; portraits relevant to the rescue itself. I then digitize these images into high resolution files. Those digital files are sent to you, and you are gifted the exclusive reproduction rights to those images. This means that, with a few caveats, you can have these images printed as many times in as many ways as you like. These rights never expire, meaning you have a source of ongoing fundraising that, when utilized effectively, can increase your organizations donations.

  • You mentioned caveats.


                    It is important to understand these donations are for fundraising purposes, and are not to be used for things such as branding, marketing, advertising, etc. This means you can't use my work as your logo, your Facebook banner, informational brochures, or other formats other than items used and sold for fundraising. Additionally, while your organization will hold exclusive reproduction rights, I remain the original creator, and ask to be credited when and where it is appropriate (such as online listings or artist information in silent auctions), and that my signature not be removed from the work.

  • What happens to the original works?


                    That depends. International shipping and tariffs can be prohibitive when it comes to sending originals globally. In these cases, I keep the originals and may ask permission to sell the original via my website. Please note that this is a one-time sale of the original piece, and in no way affects your reproduction rights on the digital files you will receive. If you are a US-based organization, you can request the originals. These can be useful in silent auctions, raffles, or to hang in your organization's offices.

  • How many pieces are included in donations?


                    Due to interest, I try to limit myself to 2 - 3 original works. The originals are 6x8, but the files can be scaled up for larger prints. Though I limit myself to 2-3 original pieces, after scanning I frequently add digital touches such as additional background, and will include these in your files, giving you options for printing.

  • Does it cost my organization anything to work with you?


                    No. My work with rescues and rehabilitation organizations is free of charge (however tipping is appreciated). The only cost to you is whatever platform or manner you choose to print the images. I recommend familiarizing yourself with local printing services, online printing services that offer discounted bulk orders, and print-on-demand services to figure out what methods and merchandise will serve your fundraising efforts best.

  • How can you afford to work with rescue organizations for free?


                    I rely on donations, sales of original works and unique prints, and commissions to make ends meet and help defray the cost of working with rescues, so I greatly appreciate it when groups I work with share my information liberally with their friends and followers.

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